Can Anybody Hear Me?

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What Makes Some of us Racist?

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Racist Remarks in the Media

Several times in the past few days I have the misfortune of having extremely racist language directed at me by men who told me how stupid I was for not understanding how low the mentality of black people are, that being criminals is hardwired into their DNA and how they should all be rounded up and put in cages away from white people.  They are dangerous and the proof of that shows in how many of them are already locked up in prisons.  They can’t control themselves, and if they are near you they are more than likely going to hurt you, rape you, steal from you, and the list goes on . . .  I wonder if it will matter that the real reason black men were hunted down to imprison, starting in the 70’s, was finally revealed by John Erlichman, a member of Nixon’s staff, when he came clean about the ‘war on drugs’ last week?

This tirade against myself began because of a comment I made on an article about the ongoing racism in America, asking why is it still happening?  We’re intelligent people.  We know the color of our skin is not what makes us good or bad people.  Much more goes into the making of our belief system and often it begins with the way we are raised and what we learn from the adults who raise us.  Whether it is racism, or the faith we believe in, the desire for the food we eat or encouragement to do the best we can; these are the things that help us become the people we are, not what color we are.

The words that were typed to me in response to what I wrote was dripping with ugliness.  It was agreed with by another individual.  How can people hate others so much, and it isn’t hating one person, but an entire race of people?  Examining the personality of these haters, is there anything about them that would make me want to be white?  How could I say I was was glad to be white if being white meant I would be like them?

Are We Born Racist?

If they were raised with parents who constantly demeaned black people, or any other kind of negativity about any subject, that is what they are going to believe.  Most Christians are Christians because that is what they were taught.  If you were raised Muslim, you will probably believe in the Muslim faith.  If your family believed in eating right, you wouldn’t stop at McDonald’s for dinner. It is hard to stop believing what you were taught.  If someone said to you, “As of today, you can no longer love your mother.” Could you do it?  Of course not.  You can’t stop believing something just because you tell yourself that is what you want to do. You can’t believe anything just because you say that is what you are going to believe now. You can’t decide to believe in God if you are atheist when you don’t believe.  Can you stop being a racist just because you now believe it is wrong?  It’s not that easy.  Words are cheap.

Fortunately, all white people don’t think like racists do.  I’m not proud of who I am because I am white and I deserve it because I am white, although there are people who do believe they are special because they are white.  I am proud of who I am because of who I am, not because of the color of my skin.  It is people like these men who have had it hardwired into them, from the time they were born.

Is Racism Being Promoted by Politics?

Sadly, there are still so many people who think the way they do.  This isn’t the first time I have heard these things.  Because I work within the prison industry and support the many people – black and white – who have been sucked into our justice system under false allegations because of the need of the prison industrial complex to keep their prisons full. Is this going to change?  Can it change?  Can Bernie Sanders lower the prison population like he says he is going to if he is elected?  He can’t, for the same reason Obama was stopped from doing everything he wanted to do. The president doesn’t have the power to do what he wants, if it goes against what the corporations want.

This presidential election year has done more damage to us as a country than we realize.  Before now, most racists weren’t very vocal about being racist.  Most people would deny being racist because they didn’t want people to know what horrible people they really were.  Unless they were with other racists where they could be free to say what they wanted, people who promoted race hate, and hate crimes were vilified in the media and prosecuted.  Now the racists are applauding each other out in the open.  Trump has let them know it is okay to punch people in the face if they don’t like them.  It is okay to go to their places of worship and attack them.  Be it black people or gays or Muslims, we forget they are people first and foremost. Students are attacking people they don’t like in school or anywhere in public, and they are learning it is okay to do this.  Being a racist is okay now.  They don’t have to hide it anymore.  They don’t have to pretend to be good people.

Racism is at an all time high against anything other than heterosexual white, as if all people in this genre are supreme, no matter what.  Who is next?  And the worst part is; after the election, how do they reel it back in again or does it get worse?  Add to it, The NRA wants everyone to carry a gun, and no one questions what the NRA’s ulterior motive is, because obviously the reason of protecting your house goes right out the window when you strap that gun to your person and take it to the grocery store.

One Nation Under God?

one nation under God

We are witnessing the demise of our country that was supposed to be “The Land of The Free and The Home of The Brave”.  That place doesn’t exist anymore.  Those who insist we are “One Nation Under God”, and really believes in God, needs to examine what that means, because if this is what it means to be a nation under God then there are many people who need to be very ashamed of themselves, because this racism was started by good God fearing Christians. What do you think? . . .Blog posts and news about injustice in the world
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