Inside Prison What Is Life Without A Dream?

The Country Kitchen, Melvin Harris
Melvin Harris and his restaurant, The Country Kitchen in Onalaska, Tex

Melvin, the man in southern Texas who goes to visit Jamie every 4-6 weeks, tried to see him today and was turned away.  This has been the only man who committed himself to be there for him like a father figure. He has also been able to get information to me about things that are happening.  He told me today that Jamie was put back in solitary confinement and they also took away his visiting privileges. I doubt Jamie even knows he tried to see him.

The abuse never stops.  In my last letter he said the guards were harassing him so bad he stopped going to chow.  It was safer to take his meals in his cell.  So what happened?  I haven’t gotten a letter from him in two weeks and when that happens it always concerns me. Sometimes they even take away all of his possessions, including his mattress. The worst thing about all of this is that it will used against him when his next parole hearing comes up in Oct 2016.

The parole board will ask,”What have you done to improves yourself?” they will ask. “Nothing? And you think we should let you out?” or “Oh, you don’t even have a GED? You’ll never get a job. Request denied.” Chances for parole are very slim.

He has told me, “They don’t give black dudes parole. They keep them until they time out.” Inmates that stay until the last day of their sentence just get put out. They don’t get the counseling or therapy to help them integrate into society. But he has me, and will do everything I can for him to be okay.

This is why I’m writing the book, “Inside the Forbidden Outside”. I haven’t posted anything new lately. I’m doing a lot of editing and reorganizing and will then hire a real editor to make sure it is done right. I’d like to sell enough copies to give him a nest egg to help get him started. At least that is my dream and even inside prison what is life without a dream?

I talked to my grandson and asked him if there was anything I could tell his daddy for him. He said, “Just tell him I love him.” That will pick up his spirits and give him a reason to keep going. Keeping that connection alive is important. Someday, when his son gets older, if he has any doubt that his father has loved him this entire time, he can read this blog. He can get to know him here. It must be hard to have a father and know you can’t see him. For a variety of reasons no one takes him. I am too far away. His son could be 17 by the time he gets out and Jamie would be close to 40. If he makes it out.

I will just have to wait to hear from him. It’s so premature to even think about when he gets out. . . .Blog posts and news about injustice in the world

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