Can Anybody Hear Me?

I  originally posted this on my other blog, Watch and Whirl. It is about much more than you can see here.  Some people have to live in an unwelcoming society. That behavior often brings unintended consequences.  Please – follow the link and then pass it on)

CAN ANYBODY HEAR ME?   by Sonni Quick   copyright 2016 You can add comments about the music under the wave form. You can see the comment I left to show you where. Written in support of all trans pe…

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Remember Your Life – Piano Music by Sonni Quick


REMEMBER YOUR LIFE    by Sonni Quick  copyright 2015



Remember your life
When nothing could defeat you?
Nothing came between your dreams
to make you think you won’t succeed.
All the world is yours
if you believe with all your heart
All your hope of things to come
will push away the doubt of some ( end of music on chart)
who want to see
if you will fall
from up above the sky so high.
Spread your wings and ride … the wind
Soar through the air like life depends
on every dream you ever had
You can’t lose
the power of your dreams
to anyone who can’t believe in you
If you cry
from deep within
Never let the fear begin
to hold you down
it’s strength you need
to make every dream be real
Don’t let it in and keep you down
Become the man you found
Through all the years
you only had yourself to hear you
Now the time
has come to show… the world
that you are more than anyone
took the time to know


I think every writer has pieces that mean more than others.  Ones that come together with little effort and the words just flow.  The music is all improvisational.  I feel . . .my fingers play. I quite playing gigs quite some years ago.  I had no reason to play professionally anymore and I didn’t have the health to keep up.  Now, I have to play again.  When the book is done, and the music is inside I will play gigs much the way an author would find books stores to have signings.  i will have signings, but they will be at the piano.

Last year I bought a new piano, that I couldn’t afford, being on disability from a liver transplant.  I love playing it and will soon be time to gig again ( if someone carries it for me!).  It has become “my”time.  My fingers play. Age has little to do with it. . . .Blog posts and news about injustice in the world