Do you Know What is Killing You?

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I have been writing about Monsanto for about 15 years on various blogs and Facebook pages. I learned about them 20 years ago but was writing online.  I learned about Nestles and boycott any product they make or company they own. Why aren’t you? Do you not know? Why do I?

I  have written a lot about Monsanto and food but I doubt if anyone listened.  My family wouldn’t listen. Eating right is too expensive, they say, even though grabbing the wrong cereal or bread of the shelf will likely kill you.

I’ve talked about the politicians involved who put profit over people. Where I live the gardener used round up ready on the grass and gardens once. It killed everything in my garden and the dirt was now contaminated. He never did it again once my husband informed him of what he did. “I didn’t know,” he claimed. How could you NOT KNOW? Your head would have to be buried to not know.

People wouldn’t, and still don’t stop eating the food it affected. Now there are over 13,000 cancer lawsuits when Monsanto and those involved KNEW what it would do. But since they knew they would be eventually sued they created a fund long ago and grew the money to pay them so it wouldn’t hurt them. And then Bayer stupidly bought Monsanto. I’ll bet you think Bayer is a good company. After all they make baby aspirin and you trust them. I dare you to research Bayer’s history and then think they care about you and your family.

I talked myself silly to friends and family about doing everything you can to educate yourself about the food you eat, but they listened instead to the propaganda the food industry put out intentionally debunking organic and non gmo food. These food companies fought and will fight labeling saying people would be to confused to understand. We are to stupid. These happened a few years ago.

Do you eat ice cream? Do you look for cheap? There is only one brand that is still safe to eat because it is non gmo. All brands were tested. You can only safely eat Breyers except for some organic brands. The others? The level of glyphosate is through the ceiling. And don’t eat General Mills cereal. All 21 kinds will kill you. Eat organic. That wheat is not sprayed with Round up. ALL COMMERCIAL FARMS  spray it. Doesn’t this scare you?

People are going to eat what they want. And now that they are sick they want to sue the company that had poison in their food. Why didn’t they stop eating the poisoned food?The information has been out there! But this way they can put the blame on Monsanto instead of blaming themselves. Now they are scared.

The problem is people learn from Fox News, or other mainstream media thinking they know what is going on. And even though much of what they hear often has an element truth, what they don’t hear or read is everything these “news” outlets DON’T tell you. If you want to start reading the truth – what mainstream doesn’t print start with and Because even ones that used to be good, like Alternet and Cmmon Dreams are now printing fluff – advertisements that start out sounding like news until you realize it’s an ad trying to tell you something.

We the people need to educate ourselves better or we deserve the destruction of our earth and our country that our grandchildren will have to raise their families in. Smarten up. If you stopped buying the food you are being poisoned with, these companies couldn’t stay in business. We allow it.