The Open Carry Gun Law has a Double Standard – if You Are Black

I saw this video today on Youtube and it really warrented being posted here. I speak so much of racism. Many people think that the issue is better than it used to be, but it isn’t. Some people say there are more black people in prison because more of them are criminals. The sentences given to white people vs black people for the same crime are hugely different.

The issue of cops being racist has been in the news in greater quantities than it ever has been. People are fighting back and proving it just how bad racism exists. What else can they do but record it. Anything else can get them killed. Even recording atrocities can get them arrested. How can a white person only be politely questioned when they see him walking down the street with a machine gun over his shoulder like a guitar, and accept the statement that he is only exercising his right by law to open carry his weapon, (which I think is about as stupid as it gets.) and when a black man uses the same law to open carry his gun he gets cuffed and the gun taken away and it brings half a dozen more cop cars to the scene? This man is lucky they didn’t just shoot him, but they would have never done that to the white man.

Please pass this video to your own social media. The only way to even begin to try and change this prejudice is to put it in front of everyone’s face. The black people in this country have a right to be very very angry at the disrespect they are shown simply because of the color of their skin, which honestly is a far prettier color than mine at age sixty. Mine is an uneven pasty color that is getting full of dark age spots. White people have spent years in the sun to get a brown color while disparaging people of color. It needs to stop. Attitudes need to change. Human beings are human beings. Good and bad in all colors.