Protected Places

black hands on cell door, prison guard brutality
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by Sonni Quick copyright 2015

copyright 2002 by Sonni Quick

Under a Quicksilver Moon
ISBN: 0-7951-5065-2

Keeper of my thoughts
Protector of the secrets
that are very deep inside the part
of me that makes me who I am.
Lover of my dreams,
keeping safe my weakest thoughts
when I am down and need the heart
to help me grow and understand
the who,the what,the where and why
we do the things we choose to do.
We fall, we run, we make mistakes.
We learn there’s much we can’t undo
Keep the hurtful things inside
protected places in my mind.
Throw away the lock and key.
Protect, pretend that’s how we see
ourselves, and hope that others, too,
believe and understand this need
to guard this part from even you.
Afraid of hurt from loving me

(Sonni’s note: I wrote this long before I met Jamie Cummings in 2006. Reading these words again today it reminded me of him and how hard it is to survive in a place that wants to crush any life in your heart. Sometimes, when we find ourselves in a place we can’t escape, as time passes, even those you were sure loved you, go away. The need to protect yourself is overwhelming because it is all you have left so you don’t get lost.) . . .Blog posts and news about injustice in the world

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