George Stinney Jr was just 14 when he was sentenced to death for killing two young girls, but a judge said his confession was coerced

…I’m sure this won’t get many “likes” because it is a horrible thing they did to this child so long ago. The racism in this country hasn’t gotten much better and that is the horrible piece of knowledge we need to recognize. As these things get into the news more and more hopefully it will begin to change. But it takes people sharing this knowledge. Sadly there was another person who stood by and watched this boy be murdered and sadly, it was probably a white man who did it letting the racism take hold as white people probably cheered that they got rid of another black kid.  This needed to be posted here to remind us how cruel we can be to other people on many levels.  People who don’t believe our faith.  People who want to decide abortions for others.  People who spread hate because of sexual preference.  It’s nauseating.


Youngest person executed in US cleared of murder – 70 years after his death

George Stinney Jr was just 14 when he was sentenced to death for killing two young girls, but a judge said his confession was coerced

A teenage boy convicted of murdering two young girls has been exonerated – 70 years after he was executed for the crime.

George Stinney Jr was just 14 when he was sentenced to death over the killing of two white girls, aged 11 and seven.

He became the youngest person in the 20th Century to be executed in the US.

But 70 years on a US judge in South Carolina has thrown out the black teen’s conviction on the basis he was wronged by the justice system.

The ruling has been welcomed by Stinney Jr’s family and civil…

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Criminals in a Police Uniform

When I started writing this, it was to foremost show appreciation to the people who have written responses appreciation, to posts that show compassion for Jamie. I am overwhelmed with these replies from people who read the letters I have posted from Jamie during the years his stay in in the US prison injustice system. Thank you for all of the caring words I’ve read. So many people have also had their eyes opened about different actions taking place inside the prisons. Your eyes have already been opened about the police. So often, the only information one gets is from movies and TV and now, fortunately more information is coming through the news.

Men and women are often guilty, but are also often innocent, as we have been reading often about people being released, sometimes after spending 20-30 years locked up in solitary confinement because of new evidence.  But even those who are guilty of all things, being locked away from society is their punishment. Inhumane treatment, beatings, not allowed phone calls to family, some get no visits of any kind, starvation and lack of medical care makes these legal torturers guilty as well of crimes against humanity.  I wouldn’t want to live with those causes, because we all get back what we give – legal or not.

It’s important for us, as humans to not perpetuate the inhumanity. I’ve put together an email for Jamie, copying the responses from all of you who took the time to express your humanity and have encouraged him that he will one day be reunited with his son and be able to be the dad he himself never had.

police state, racism in our police,injustice system
Boston Police State

The percentage of black men in prison is so high compared to other races that the number of children without a father is extremely high.  The percentage of black women in prison is much higher than white women as well shows that the vendetta against black people is real and deliberate.  The color of one’s skin does not make them more prone to crime, but racism in our police force and racism in our injustice system strikes a heavy blow to this one color – any color but white.  The police have too much arrogant power, and their bosses look the other way and make excuses for their inexcusable behavior.  Being a cop is the perfect job for people who enjoy having power over other people and don’t need any excuse at all to shoot and kill them.  This must be changed.  If criminals are made to be accountable for their actions, then the criminals in a police uniform must also be made accountable for theirs.

Thank you to all of those who follow this blog and those who have filled out the contact form below to be on the mailing list for the book that will be coming out most likely near the beginning of next year. Proceeds from this book will enable Jamie Cummings to survive as he gets his life together and begins an education, when they deem him eligible for parole. I am hoping he will also be able to speak at schools and at community events as a way to help change things.

It is the response from everyone here and at other social media sites that encourages me to press forward. Please … take a few of the posts you think would be best to share and post them to your own social media and help me make this a success story.

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If you would like to join the email list for the book I am writing about Jamie’s life and the prison system please add your name below. I promise you won’t get a zillion emails from me!

Thank you, Sonni