Short Video – Racial Disparity in the Justice System

This is the problem. In under 2 minutes he explains why it is unsustainable to keep locking up black people in the percentages they currently do. As it is there are many more black children being raised by one person because the other parent is locked up. It is a cycle that produces the same results. It is such a blatant attempt at promoting white privilege. Some people still insist it isn’t happening but it is, and once they are locked up the prejudice continues inside by the way they are treated. Why is it in 9 years that Jamie has never been able to study for even his GED? Because they keep locking him up. When he gets paroled how is he supposed to earn a living to help in the care of his son? No one will want to give him a job or even rent an apartment to him. He can’t apply for disability because of his epilepsy for a year.

Ex-felons can not apply for any kind of social service or public housing. So what are they to do if there isn’t family to support him. He doesn’t want family to support him. He wants to work. He wants to get an education. He’s been locked up since he was 16 except for an very short period when he was 21, when he met my daughter and they had a baby. Please fill in the contact for to be on the mailing list for the book being written about him. “Inside the Forbidden Outside”. It is his one chance at survival.