White Boy Privilege – With Rose Colored Glasses

White Boy Privilege With Rose Colored Glasses


Royce Mann, a young man who gets it.  This is the kind of youth we need who will stand up and make our country into a place people like Donald Trump can’t even dream about. People Like Trump think of our country, our world as something to take as much as you can from, and doesn’t give a damn what kind of shape he leaves it in for the future generations. We have too many people like this who only think their kind of people are deserving of a good life. They don’t even think of the rest of us at all.

This video was on YouTube a year ago. Now more than ever after witnessing what the GOP wants to do to this country, we need youth like Royce Mann. Choke back renewable energy and cover our beautiful country and coastline with evermore drilling so we can be a fossil fuel superpower in control of the rest of the planet? He wants to make the earth bleed in the quest for power? To do that it will be more important than ever to use the lives of people who don’t matter to people like Trump.

There is a man, a long time American Nazi leader, Holocaust denier, Jew hater and all around believer in the supreme sanctity of the white man who is running for Congress in Idaho – unopposed, as a Republican. The GOP isn’t bothered about that. Why? Because it falls in line with their vision – Trump’s vision of, “Let’s Make America Great ( white) Again (??)”

Royce Mann is a young man who saw the writing on the table and knew that to continue in the vein America is currently headed, it does not make this country great.

But Royce and young people do not, can not run this country today. They have to grow up in the racist environment created for people who aren’t white. 

What is it that makes white people special? Nothing. White people are not better people. Most white people have no rich culture. Our culture is borrowed from the countries we came from at one time. Our holidays are little more than opportunities to buy decorations and “stuff”, usually cheap stuff at stores, while at the same time a later holiday is shoved down our throats. Christmas decorations in stores during Halloween, even before Thanksgiving. Our culture is a commercial “buy fest”. 

America is shallow. It spits on Hispanics yet celebrates Cinqo de Mayo. America is a fourth of July fireworks celebration with no sense of gratitude. It is just a work holiday with an excuse to BBQ and drink.

The reality of our history and the people we slaughtered to take away their land, we still spit on today as we continue to take what little they have left. We create new laws because we want whatever rich land the red man has, so we can dig and drill on it. We carelessly deface their heritage because we are the biggest white bully on the land. 

We now kick people out of America who have lived here for 30-40 years . Business men, doctors, family men who still need and want to provide for their families. Tax payers . Community leaders – “OUT! YOU ARE NOT WHITE! YOU CAN’T LIVE HERE ANYMORE!” says our small minded, heartless, racist, bigoted, abusive president who fashions himself a tyrant and dictator, whose ego now wants a military parade to march by his box at the White House and salute him while he waves – to the tune of $20 twenty million dollars, even as he wants to eliminate Meals on Wheels for seniors because we can’t afford to continue to help old people eat. Get a job! How gross. And the GOP clap for him. They clap for him. I want to throw up.

I have such shame for my country now. A country that imprisons people mercilessly for profit.  Are some bad criminals?  Of course, but the rest? 

Our country has always been imperfect. Every president has bowed down to what the ultra rich want them to do so they can give Americans the feeling they are something they are not – a president who loves America, and countries with dark skinned people are shit holes. Our president said this to the world. People hate America. Our president has embarrassed this country.

Trump has managed to pull away our Rose Colored Glasses and showed the world and its people how truly evil we are, as we force other countries to do as we say with our military.

Trump truly is the face of America today. You can stay ignorant and learn only what your “side” tells you. You can delude yourself and say, “God is on our side”, which is incredibly naive. We will continue to fall down the rabbit hole.

Or, we can encourage our youth, like Royce Mann, to rise up and become leaders who change things after all these demented white leaders die off. Can we birth people who love this Earth the way people long ago did? Before all natural resources are sucked out of it and the land and waters poisoned being repair? Before all water is nationalized and bought by the likes of Nestle and Coca Cola? Can we stop what is happening? Can we change and become, “People by the people and for the people” where skin is only the shell that holds the heart and the mind which is where our true value lies? The color of our skin does not make us who we are. Our actions do.


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White Boy Privilege

A fourteen year old teen named Royce Mann hit the nail on the head. Unfortunately . . .

It is too late to change the hearts and minds of adults. We can not change the irrational need for cops to kill black people no matter how they are retrained, or how often any politician, including our president who says only the hole words, “We need to come together and respect each other.”

Nothing will change as long as there is so much hate and continue to fail to realize who and what has been responsible for the backlash against cops. As long as there is failure to understand that black people didn’t just wake up one day and say, “Let’s go kill cops,” for no reason, the situation will continue to increase.

Too many white people intentionally, willingly, stay blind to the fact that cops have gone too far killing people who should not have died, and never had to pay the price. Black people want that recognized. They want it stopped and they want the law to apply to everyone. If you murder someone, you will be prosecuted and found guilty. A badge doesn’t give you the right to do what you want with impunity.

There has never been equality. Even members of my own family think they understand the situation and blame black people for what our government intentionally did to them, because in their uneducated lack of understanding, devoid of any real research into the issue, think they know what is going on – yet they don’t. Their “experience” is such a small part of the truth. Don’t you dare say cops, any cops, are racist. Not in my house! Do what they tell you to do even if that means you have to let them drag you out of your car and beat you so then – hopefully – they won’t kill you. If you don’t do that, it’s your own fault if they shoot you. Is this really what it comes down to? Is that what you have to teach your children?

So it will be up to the children – like this young teenager – who will have to say, “Enough! I will not let you make me be like you! I will not let you divide my generation and turn us into hateful people. It doesn’t matter what color we are. Color doesn’t make us criminals. And my whiteness doesn’t make me better than anyone else!” Yet he had to be glad to have “white privilege” so he doesn’t have to deal with what black and brown kids deal with every day. So sad. 

Those were not only his words. You can hear his words. We need to teach our children not to hate. I look at this nation of supposed Christians with disgust. Trump is being treated like he is the second coming of Christ by those who condone his disgusting rhetoric and cheer on his hate while they salivate. This example of human being – this example of Christianity is so far from what it was supposed to be and turned it into something as bad as the Muslims who are the terrorists. We are also the terrorists. They come after us like BLM wants to stop the people who come after them. Too many in white America think they and our country are blameless. They think we are the good guys. We used to be – a long time ago.

We can’t cure ignorance. Hate tastes too good on their tongues. It is like an addiction to a drug, but what they crave, what makes them feel good, is the feeling of hate in the empty cavity that used to have a heart.

Children – calling all youth. This country need your help. Stand up for mankind before your leaders and perhaps your parents and teachers destroy what is left of mankind. You’ll be alive after they are dead. What kind of world do YOU want to live in?

Share this please. Something needs to be done.

Sonni Quick – grandmother of two half black grandsons who are being taught to respect authority, but who is teaching the authority to respect them?


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