Can I  Finally Get Out of Ad Seg? Maybe?

Before I share part of Jamie’s last letter . . .

(note from Sonni: I’ve been running myself crazy taking care of details for the book, “Inside The Forbidden Outside.” When I began writing, I didn’t know putting out a book involved more than writing it and finding someone to edit it. I knew there were self publishing businesses that helped, but I didn’t know most of them preyed on people who didn’t know they were being scammed into paying for services they didn’t need. That subject should be another post.

After writing this blog for a year or so, I knew Jamie’s story needed to be told. I began the first draft. To understand who Jamie is you should go to archive below the post where you can pull up the posts by the month. Also, some of earliest one are found at the top of the page in the white area.

It was important to find the right artist to create the book cover art, which will also be the digital album cover. Learning how to mark a product has been a challenge. Sometimes, at the spur of the moment I’ll feel a need to play my piano.  It is a release for me when I am on emotional overload.  It is why so many of my recording have an air of melancholy. There is sadness when I feel there is nothing I can do. The music is like a diary of these years. Certain music reminds me of a particular letter of something important that happened. Recording music for the book as the soundtrack is best played while reading. I’m also being promoted on several websites that carry the music. Before the book is published I am releasing another album of improv music titled, “Stories Without Words”

1976 Early (young) Sonni. The gold bangle on wrist is still there today

I’m having new promo pictures taken with my white piano, outside in summer greenery, by a photographer who specializes in photographing musicians. My promo pictures during my earlier years of playing would only work if I was never seen in public! ( I think I’ve aged just a touch! ) I knew if I was going to resurrect my music career, I couldn’t do it halfway. The difference today is I would not want to travel and tour again.  I want a more intimate setting in a nice restaurant (where I can sell books, too!)

I am also planning to go to Texas for a few weeks during October to visit Jamie at the prison. We need to talk about any changes and additions. Asking him to dig into a painful part of his past and ask him to relive it and write about it has been hard for him. I’m trying to keep him as involved as I can. No one is meant to live through being locked up by themselves for this long.  It’s been almost three years – this time. He has 4 1/2 years left on a 17 year sentence.

Part of the reason it has taken this long to finish the book is having to communicate through  letters, and then waiting for the answer. If the prison puts the inmates on an unexpected lockdown – more than the standard 30 days out of every 90 days then he might not be able to go to commissary and run out of stamps. That happened last time and he couldn’t write for weeks. The prison also screwed up the food box I sent. They marked it ordered, but didn’t deliver it. The online site showed it was ordered. It wouldn’t let me order again until after they were put on lockdown. No food boxes are delivered during that month. Add over 100 degree temperature to the mix doesn’t help anyone’s temperament.

A fight broke out in another building. It was used as an excuse to toss the cells and lock everyone down. He was out of stamps and had nothing to trade with. The guards love candy sticks and will sometimes trade a stamp for one. The cost for one is fifteen cents so it’s a good trade. I try to order 30 and add a variety of gas station quality, convenience store delicacies. Raman noodles, chips, cookies, mackerel, tuna and more – all processed crap, but often better than what they serve for meals. I can purchase $20 a month or $60 for three months. Not much, but it helps – in more ways than one. I can tell by his handwriting when he is depressed. Contact from the outside is like gold.  So many have no one. So . . . on to his letter)

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Good morning to you,                                                                                                        8/18/17

It’s early 5:47 but I could not sleep. I’ve been up since about 9:00 last night. I have not been feeling well. Anyway, I’m writing to tell you something. I really don’t like speaking about it because, to me it seems like when I do something bad always happens. Before I tell you I want you to know I was pulled out of my cell to make a phone call. I give up. I’m not putting in for no more phone calls. Nobody answers the phone at my mom or for my son. I have been doing good and staying away from trouble to make these phone calls only to not reach no one. “F**k that.” I have not had no write ups in over a year. This means I get a line class which goes toward my parole and getting out of ad seg (administrative segregation – a fancy word for being locked up by yourself for 23-24 hours a I don’t know when I’ll get out of seg. It might be Sept or January or March. Hopefully Sept so we can have our first visit that won’t be behind glass. That would be nice being able to hold your hand. I’m a line two right now. I need to be a line one in order to see parole. So in another 6 months, as long as I don’t get any write ups. I’m trying hard. I really am. It will be twelve years by then. I’m trying to make it home. I’m trying hard to get out of this place. I wasn’t to be there for my son. I want to hear you play the piano. 

I want to be there for Jamie while he’s still young. He and I have so much to talk about. Him reading my letter is not the same as him looking me in my eyes and talking to me face to face. That is what I want. So I’m focused on staying out of trouble.

There’s lots of days I don’t go to the shower. I stay in my cell and use the sink and do a bird bath. There’s also days I do go to rec or eat because I try so hard to avoid B/S with the officers. Please know that I’m trying. Sorry I have gotten tired. I will pick this back up later today.

Sorry for the long wait. Things are getting real testy around me. I have been getting into it with the inmates. I feel I’m being tested and this is some kind of karma. It’s stressing me out because I see SCC next month (state classification). I don’t know what they are going to do.

I got everything you sent me. Thank you so much. When you come to visit in October be sure to put in for a special visit ( 2 days, 4 hrs each day. A regular visit is one day, 2 hrs). Being in a place like this really will let you know how much you miss being around regular people. You want to know what I have to listen to? I’m tired of hearing these dudes talking about other dudes. Nasty.

You liked your birthday card? I had it made. I’m learning to make them. I’m working on my coloring and everything. I think it’s wonderful you are doing what you love. There’s a station on the radio that plays instrumental only. I haven’t listened to it in awhile. I have to get me another radio. Mine got broke. Move your fingers over the ivory keys of your piano and enjoy the sound.

We’re going on lockdown again the last week of this month or the first week of next month. If I get out of ad seg it won’t be so much. Gotta go. They’re picking up mail on the other side and I want to send this off.

Till next time, love Jamie

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I have read the book.  It is a gripping and heartbreaking true story of a mother who did everything she could to understand and save her adopted son from destructive behavior, choosing to become a skin head, joining the the local white nationalist movement at a very young age. He ended up in prison, where trying to leave the gang could have deadly consequences. Nothing she tried to do to help him had any positive effect.  He seemed determined to make every bad choice that came his way.

Will he be able to survive prison?  Will he survive when he gets out? There is no answer to that question because he is still locked up. This is every mother’s nightmare who watches her child grow up and become someone who is feared by the public.

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ReverbNation . . . Lots of great indie music at this site.  I was impressed. I’ve become a “Fan” of ones I like to help support them and I can share their music if I like. The have many neat services that help musicians put a good package together to promote their music. Tapping on the link will take you to my “work in progress” profile page.  check it out. Tell me what you think. I would appreciate any and all feedback of what you really think.

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How Beautiful is Your Jigsaw Puzzle of Life?

I Do So Love Living, Don’t You?

How beautiful is your jigsaw puzzle of life? I have been thinking about my life and everything I’ve done. Hopefully I have gained wisdom through the years to use for my future. Being young is wonderful. There is so much life ahead.

Young people are full of energy, and hopefully have the desire to “be” someone, whatever theit talents are. From the age of seven I knew I wanted to make music, and the piano was going to be a major part of my life. When I was ten, I knew I was going to teach music. There was no doubt. I also wanted to play the most beautiful music in the world. I’m not finished striving for that. There is still a lot to learn and a lot of life to live.

I have recently been spending my time connecting my piano music to my writing. Both evolved together and much of the music is tied to not only book chapters but to poetry. They will be promoted together. I have searched to find ways to do that. I have different ways than the average author because I am a musician. piano-1015371__340

Many people get depressed when they age. The decade markers of 30-40-50-60 and up, can be hard because it’s easy to dwell on losing youth – on the outside. But it’s up to you if you lose the ability to be young on the inside. I have never tried to “pass” for someone younger. I have never shaved years. I have earned every single year, I’m not going to pretend I haven’t lived them.

For so long everything has been focused on the youth generation, but all youth gets older. They disappear into the AARP magazine pages. Old musicians are called dinosaurs, but this one isn’t going quietly into the sunset.

Being older, I have wisdom and life experiences youth don’t have. Twenty years from now will I look back on all of this and have good memories. Will I be successful? Will this help Jamie when he gets of  prison.

I look at my life like a giant jigsaw puzzle. The border is together. It took a long time to begin to understand myself. Now I’m connecting the pieces inside and fitting them together. It’s up to me how beautiful it is. Every year of life has meaning. Some years are harder than others, but all the puzzles pieces affect how you fit future pieces together.

We all need to live as though today is the last day of our life and begin something we have wanted to do, or finish something already started. This is why I’m working so hard. I do it because I love it and I’m having fun. I love living. You don’t need to be pushed or develope discipline when you have a passion for living.

<<< >>>

I have a new page at a website you can go to directly called ReverbNation. Click become a fan. You can also go there through the link at Skunk Radio. I have had so much fun taking this to the next level. I’ve been blogging for three years and adding music to many posts but this month is the first time online that I have attempted to cross over onto the commercial side. My earlier years as a professional player these options weren’t there. If you didn’t have a record deal it didn’t matter how good you were. I was still singing then but my vocals can’t survive a couple hours of singing anymore.

I will be connected to other sites in the near future. It’s a big market out there. This will also help me get an agent for the right gigs which will create book sales through live gigs. A girl’s gotta eat and pay for travel. Okay, so I’m not exactly a “girl” but musicians get better with age! It has been exciting putting this together. I had retired. I thought live gigs were in my past. When my pages are complete with a new head shot and video I’ll be contacting agents. Life has a way of kicking us in the pants when we aren’t looking, but it’s up to us if we grab the brass ring and run with it. 

I absolutely love finding new people who like the music I record. I think it’s important to never stop dreaming. If we reach an age where we stop ourselves from believing we can live life like we’re young, our brain dries up and blows away.

It isn’t easy to write, research, promote, compose and record, handle 4 facebook pages, 2 blogs, a newsletter and also help your mother pack up her house and not drop a plate you’re spinning in the air. My entire body hurts from packing, because although I’m young inside, my body is 63 and has been battered around by life.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate those who have gone to my sites, played my music, shared it and also went to SRL twitter page and simply tweeted my name to them. You still can. They have additional ways they help those who have a following. I’m trying to build one. Online stats will make or break me.

I will soon be putting out a digital album (before the one coming out when the book is ready.) My music is a soundtrack. (Sound Cloud) We have them for movies. Why not a book? Ideally play it when you read the book and feel the emotion, or play it when you want to relax or go to sleep. The music below was supposed to go with the book chapter by the same name, The Waking Hour, that was posted last month. I recorded the music after I wrote the chapter, but they have the same picture of the sleeping baby.

I’m also thinking of putting my music into music boxes to sell that look like a baby grand piano. I have a few that would be nice for children. It’s just an idea right now. When ideas come in your head it is for a reason. We have to see, and visualize where we want to go or our brain can’t figure out how to make it happen. I do so love living, don’t you?

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My new featured page at Skunk Radio Live has been a big boost. I found out recently they can also promote my book “Inside The Forbidden Outside” when Its done. That will reach people my mailing list doesn’t. I hope you will join my mailing list to find out how this is coming together.

I made many changes from the first draft of the book. (earlier chapters were posted last year) Hopefully good changes. I’m not trying to write it fast just to get it out there, but rather – write the best I can. It’s a craft, like learning to play the piano. I created a different twist to the second half of the story. It’s still non-fiction; just presented differently. I’m also planning to spend a few weeks of October in Texas and go to Allred Unit, the prison Jamie is housed so we can talk through several visits and clear up details I need.

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Bringing You The Music of Sonni Quick


yamaha electric grandJuly 28th is my birthday and this is the year things are coming together. 63 years young and finally hitting my stride. This 2000 piece puzzle of my life I’ve been working on, just putting the border together has been a major challenge the last couple years.  Now the puzzle pieces are beginning to lock together. I can promote the book and the music together using the same artwork for the book and the digital album.  This makes me a sellable commodity when getting a manager to book gigs for me again. This living on a disability check has GOT TO GO! No more medical disasters.  I’ve had my alloted fair share.  It’s time to kick ass since I still have life to kick, which was debatable for awhile. Music and writing is in my DNA.

Writing and rewriting the chapters for “Inside the Forbidden Outside” and working with a couple editors for guidance, taking classes and reading and reading and reading to understand what it means to write a good book. Doing everything I can to make it a success. This is why I ask if you get on my mailing list. To keep you informed of what is happening and you can share it with 1000 of your closest friends. 500? If it doesn’t happen online it won’t happen – period.

Writing music while I work on blog posts for Jamie I have composed and recorded a lot of improvisational music you can find posted on about 40% of the posts.  I’ve gotten encouraging feedback from listeners. The music and songs at earlier stage in my life when I was trying “make it” in the music business, the only way to be successful was to be picked up by a label – much like a writer had to be contracted by a publishing house.  Now we have Indie music and Indie writers and it levels the playing field. My music today is different from what I wrote earlier because it is part of who I am.  I don’t have to plan it or think about it.  I just play. Young musicians, especially electronic music doesn’t come from same place.  many are not really musicians.

Then Skunk Radio Live found me and asked me to audition for their radio program. Starting on July 28 you will find my audition on their website and will be promoted on their broadcast for one month. To become a contract signed regular I will need people to tweet my name to @skunkradiolive at twitter site.  Like anything online it is the “likes”, they call them votes – you get that shows them you are worth investing in.  They do an hour of instrumental music between 1-2 pm London time, which is 8 am EST but I have heard it at other times, as well as at their facebook site and G+. I will post again after it know it is actually playing.  I am embedding their player on this post. You can go to Skunk Radio Live if you’d like to see some of their auditions and the broadcast schedule. If you know a musician who wants to get their music out their tell them about this radio show.

It takes money to make money and doing piano gigs is my ticket. I’m worth more to a club manager if my music is online at more than just

This is my most recent piece –