Special Visit For Inmates


Dear mom, and hello beautiful.

First I want to say thank you.  Thank you for everything. and most of all thank you for going out of your way to bring my son to see me.  First visit in three years, and a special visit at that! Two days. Two days to see my son. No one would bring him but you. To know you cared that much to do this means so much to me. I had a chance to learn a lot more about him as well as being able to enjoy time with him.  I noticed he is very open to people.  He loves to make friends. I was the same way, only the people I chose to be friends with were not friends.  So I will talk to him about that.  I told him he could talk to me about anything. I want us to be able to have a real father son – bond.  I want him to know he can come to me as he grows, and that he can trust me and talk. I feel that we bonded more than at the last visit, but then he is older, turning 10 on July 12.

No, it does not make up for all the time I have missed, but no one thought it was important enough for him or for me to bring him to see me. No one cared about my family, my son – at all. What was most important is we opened up to each other and that is what matters.

We even share smiles. I didn’t show him, but I can do the same tummy rolls he showed me, but I can’t wiggle my ears like he does! Lol.  Everyone has a special talent.  Maybe that is his. We just have to take the time to find out what they are.  I play that visit over and over in my mind as much as I can.

Now I want you to know I enjoyed your visit as well.  Your company really means a lot to me.  Being able to spend two days talking was more than I had hoped for.  I didn’t want to hope too much in case it fell through for some reason.  I loved looking at you ( since we don’t ever get to see a woman that isn’t in a guard uniform and trust me they aren’t much to look at.)  I guess what I’m saying is that I was really watching you.  That is why I wasn’t doing so much talking.  I was just taking it all in and trying to remember everything.  I appreciate everything you have done for me.  Many men in here don’t have someone who has stood by them for ten years  the way you have, no matter what, being there for me when I needed someone.  You trust me when I say I am trying hard to do things right and that I want to have a good life when I get out.

Only you know who I am right now.  However that is fixing to change because I am going to write a few of my family members.  I know they won’t write back.  I just want them to see who I am now. But to tell you the truth they probably won’t pick up on it. All they have to do is read my letter carefully and they will see the different person I am. I want them to know me as a man. I’m not a kid anymore. I want them to know me as an older person.  I never write to them anymore because I feel like I’m just wasting stamps because no one writes back. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

I’m getting sleepy so I’ll write more later. . .



(Sonni’s note:  We don’t appreciate life until we almost lose it. It would be hard to imagine losing ten years of my life to a prison, but in some ways we did the time together.  Not literally, of course.  I have had ten hard years with some pretty hefty mountains to climb and he has been there encouraging me when I needed it most.  When I think about it, he has been there through some  major things, just like I have been there through his. I believe he’s been honest with me about things that have happened and I helped him as much as I could. We’ve become very good friends who impacted each others life.

Does the time go by fast or slow? Do the years just blend together? If he never makes parole, which is a toss up, he still has six and a half years to go.  He is right.  He went in a boy and will come out a 40 year old man and I will be 69. His son will be nearly 17. My husband will be 76.  Life keeps marching on.  Aging in prison is not where you want to age. There has been so much he has had to learn about himself and the biggest thing has been controlling his emotions.  But many people have that problem.  I see it every day.  But if he can learn something that will benefit him later then he can take one good thing from this experience.

There is no way of knowing what kind of life he would have had if this didn’t happen, but I doubt he and my daughter would be together as a family.  I have worked with him teaching him things about life he needed to know, but had no one to teach him. Most of all he needed to know he had someone who believed in him; someone who believed he had special talents, too, who wouldn’t judge him by what he did, but by the potential he possessed. This was a new thought for him,  that there was someone who would help him open the door and reach for better things.  But if you don’t even know what those better things could be, how could you reach for them?  I’m going to be on the better side of old when he gets out.  Life will be completely different than when he went in.  Right now he is inside the forbidden outside.  Later he will be outside and life will be challenging.  I believe he will have a better life than he would have had he not gone in.  There is a positive inside every negative.  He will have to find out what that is.)


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Texas Prison Heat With a “Chill Towel”

Texas heat
July 27, 2015

Hello Beautiful, I got your letter. I love the photo of you. Still looking good (smile) What did you do for your special day? I hope Mike took you out. Before I go on I want to say Happy Birthday!  (LOL) I hope you don’t think I forgot about your birthday on July 28th. I would never do that.  Again Happy Birthday.

YESTER DAYS. by Sonni Quick. copyright 2015

I got your letter from the 23rd. I also got a postcard from Jamie. What is going on that life is so crazy? I got the money you sent. Thank you. Sorry it took so long to write back. Is been crazy here as well. It is so damn hot! Sometimes I lay naked. The officers come through and tell me to put my underwear on. I tell them to hold on I’m not done cooking yet! (LOL) It is so hot I don’t want to move. It’s 96 degrees but it feels a lot hotter. I love the summer but this heat I can’t stand. Inmates die in this Texas heat

(Sonni’s note: I got two letters back to back so I combined this into one so you would know he has found some relief)

I just bought what they call a “chill towel”. It’s a sponge material that holds water and chills the air while it evaporates. It somewhat works. It’s half the length of my arm, maybe a little longer. It’s thick and light green. It cost $6.50. I wet it and let the fan blow on me. I’m not as hot as I used to be and that’s all that counts. It helps a lot.

I used to lay and sleep on the floor, but now I can’t. There are roaches everywhere. These little suckers move like they have jet fuel up their ass. They move really fast. This cell is just temporary. I can’t wait until I move out of it to a different ad seg unit.

I got a letter from my little brother Lionel a few weeks ago. It’s been years since I heard from him. I wrote him back. He said he was going to send pictures of the family. I made it clear to him not to say he was going to do something and then not do it. It was really good to hear from him and see how he was holding up after his dad died.

So how are the veggies doing in your garden? Everything going well with your piano students? How is your mom? Tell her I said hello, okay? It sure would be good to get out of the house and move around. Going to see an old friend just might be a good thing thing for you.

I can’t wait until you come down to visit. You could bring Jamie. I haven’t seen my son in two years. Be sure to ask for a special visit. Because of the miles you would be traveling we can have a visit Saturday and Sunday like last time. If I don’t have a case on me then prison visits could be for four hours instead of the normal two.

Well, it’s six minutes to 8:00. It’s cooled down. It’s supposed to rain a little. I sure hope so. A program I like is fixin’ to come on the radio. I might catch a little rap music. Till next time.

Later Gator

(Sonni’s note: It was good to hear him in a better mood, just chatting. Things have been rough lately)

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