Hiking 1,000 Miles To Hug My Husband

Suzie is hiking 1000 miles to see her husband in prison. The both have blogs and Steven has also written a book. They met and married after he was incarcerated and have smiles that light up a room! Read both of their blogs. They are both so worth it and you won’t be disappointed!

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Suzie M. Bosko

How to Choose the Best Hiking Boots for You

Yep, I am!

Our marriage is full of Paper Hugs, and I really feel like going the distance to get a real one. I will start in California and hike north on the Pacific Crest Trail all the way up to Washington, where my husband is. I estimate that this long distance backpacking trip will take nearly 3 months.

This hike symbolizes my commitment and devotion. There will be peaks and valleys along the way on this trip, just as in our life together. Most of our communication is virtual right now (emails, blogging, social media, etc.). I just feel like I need to do something physical to make this marriage feel more real to me.

thCAAJWW2N Pacific Crest Trail

The romantic in me is doing this for my marriage. But I am also doing it for myself. To heal. To accept. To experience. To find my truth. To feel alive. And to feel a sense of personal…

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Uniquely Unlocked

I have been following Steven and Suzie for a year. When I feel down about the system it’s good to read about the lives of people who are happy even though he is inside. But most important they understand how important it is to try and help other inmates who have a story to tell and need a voice to say it with. One of the hardest things an inmate needs to overcome is the perception many people have about inmates. They don’t see them as human beings – they deserve whatever punishment the guards give them. They don’t deserve compassion even though many of them aren’t guilty or were given sentences that far exceed what it should be, because prisons are a ‘for profit ‘ industry and many businesses depend on slave labor to make the products you buy, and have no clue were made by inmates. More and more inmates are getting their stories told. More books are being written about the truth of what is happening inside. Steven has published a book that sits on my shelf. You will find it on his blog. Buy it. It’s well worth reading.

This is why I’m writing a book about Jamie’s story and why I have started a newsletter “Inside The Forbidden Outside” with the same title as the book. I just put out the first issue. You can sign up by leaving your email address at mynameisjamie2@gmail.com. In that issue is a link to an interview I did on the internet radio show – The David Snape Show – that was first aired on April 4th.

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Suzie M. Bosko


I had such a sheltered and spoiled background. I breezed through my childhood so fast that it’s hard to remember it. I wanted so badly to grow up and be an adult, a wife, and a mother.

I had a pretty awesome upbringing with loving parents, a big wholesome family, a kind religious community, and I was even a Girl Scout. But is it possible that sometimes things can be too perfect that you miss out on living and experiencing?

I have Stone City Blog on my mind right now. It is a collection of blogs written by men in prison, which I manage. Honestly, I’ve struggled with putting in all those hours helping men who couldn’t give me much in return.

I help men in prison share their voice with the world. At first, I choked on my own voice when telling people this. It wasn’t something I wanted to brag…

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