LIFE BEYOND BARS-The Beast Must Be Fed

Isn’t it ironic that these men were pretending to join in on being aghast at Hillary’s supposed lies, but now that Wall St is getting front row seats in the White House to manipulate the country’s finances, they want to make sure their shady dealings are glossed over during their confirmation hearings. Is there something wrong with this picture?

Unless you know someone in prison,  the way people think about prison issues is very narrow, if it is thought about at all. Take for example, the chanting, “Lock her up! Lock her up!” concerning Clinton. It didn’t matter if she did anything to be locked up for.  People were caught up in the emotional release of endorphins and the pleasure it gave them to anticipate her being hurt or possibly even dying. But they have forgotten about 2009 when the banks and mortgages began causing the ruination of many people’s lives, including my own.  Where is the outrage over them running the country from those who supported this ticket? Should we “Lock them up?”

A majority of people don’t follow world events close enough to truly understand what happens in the world around them, or they center what they believe on an infotainment station like Fox News and think they are getting all the truthful news they need to stay informed. But yelling  “lock her up” gave them something physical to get back at to relieve the failure of being able to do anything about it before.

They were looking for anything they could find to blame for unhappy lives. It must be someone’s fault and they would have had Clinton hanged on TV if they could, and even cheered, even though the issues they wanted her imprisoned for weren’t issues that would have affected the success or failure of their lives Would it matter if she was innocent? Again, no, and they wouldn’t have believed it anyway.

Sadly, there is something so exquisitely intoxicating being part of a large group of people who are all yelling at the top of their lungs, at the same time, to hurt someone. They even allowed their children to witness it, creating the next generation of haters. Who better to emulate than mommy and daddy. Why do you think we still have racism? It would have died out long ago if parents didn’t teach their children bad ways of thinking.

When a parent is the one to teach a child an important part of reasoning, the child naturally assumes it is the truth. Why wouldn’t they? Why would their parent lie? The same goes for religion. If you hear something enough it becomes the truth. It takes a strong person to examine those truths because it can affect those important relationships. Why else would a child grow up thinking they were a privileged part of society because of the color of their skin if it wasn’t something they were taught? Some children eventually become smart enough to think for themselves.

Some people must like it when it becomes legal to kill someone and get away with it.  It serves a purpose, like a hit of heroin. It’s a release. They enjoy it. It feels good. Why else have people gathered for centuries to watch people being put to death. It’s entertaining. For some it’s even sexual.  For some it’s revenge.  For some, curiosity. This mind set was used when people gathered to hang black men from trees like low hanging fruit. They needed only the smallest of reasons, a lie being spread that a black man had the audacity to touch a white woman – or maybe he only looked at her and that was enough to call for his death – with no remorse. Many still feel the same way today.

If you read history going back to the time of “The Games” in Rome, people absolutely loved watching well trained men kill each other. They cheered. The entire city emptied out to go to the arena to watch the games. People got angry if the politicians took their fun and enjoyment away. Moving ahead, they loved the burning of witches and hearing their screams. They even took their children to watch. Public hangings. Electrocution. Death by injection. What is is it about people who get off on the killing people and loving to watch?


Emmet Till (This video should make you cry that ANYONE could do to another human what they did to this boy! If it doesn’t, shame on you. ) Emmet was a 14 year old boy in 1955 who was kidnapped from the home of relatives, beaten mercilessly, killed and found in a river for flirting with a white woman. How anyone could condone this act is sickening. Emmet was just a boy! But even today there are plenty of examples of this happening by people who think being white is superior to being black and it’s okay to kill black people.  Look at how many cops have come under scrutiny for killing them for no reason. They say, “I was afraid for my life.” Can’t they come up with more than one thing to say? That excuse is used way too much. But they get away with it! It must be in the cop’s handbook of how to get away with killing people you don’t like.  This way they don’t get prosecuted because then the courts would have to admit it was wrong. It will continue as long as there is no price to pay for taking the life of another human being. Any human being. How long will that take?

The question has been raised many times; is murdering someone because they raped or murdered someone okay? What difference is that murder? Is it because we decided certain murders are okay because we legalized it? What does it matter if it is still the brutal slaying of human life? States go back and forth on the legality. But in the end they still have to bear the brunt and live with the consequences of making the cause of making it legal to kill another human life.

The US is a country that wants the people to think it is a Christian nation, yet allows this barbaric practice never thinking it through to the end. If they truly think an all-knowing, all-seeing entity in the heavens is watching what they do, what do they think this intelligence “up there” is thinking about when it sees, down here on earth, the people committing hate crimes and sees people who think their skin color makes them special when supposedly “He” created all people of all races to be equal?  Did he think, white people are special and they can use black people, Muslims, American Indians or Hispanics like dogs? I think God would be pretty disgusted with people who think they are the chosen few – if you believe that sort of thing.

But I guess we’ll never know because people separate their religion from their actions. They pray when someone is sick or when they die. They pray for unborn babies. Some even think a person can pray away being gay. But do white people pray for God to forgive them for all the black people who get killed just for being black. Do they pray for the children who lose their parents because of bogus charges or unreasonable sentences they themselves don’t suffer? Do they pray for the youth who get killed by people like George Zimmermann who thinks if they look suspicious he should be able to kill them, yet when a jury can’t convict him because he is white and so are they, it happens over and over and over again. Someone, explain it to me please – why is this okay? Is it okay with you, and if it isn’t, what are you doing about it?

This isn’t a fun subject to write about. I doubt we will ever completely understand why we let it happen.  Many people inside prisons were never guilty of their charges. Our justice system is corrupt. We have finally begun to let innocent people out after they spent decades inside paying for something they didn’t do. How many innocents have we killed? No one likes to think of that. It’s not supposed to be part of our lives. That’s we they are kept separate, so we don’t have to think about them.

Most people, if they have no one inside, don’t want to believe all prisoners aren’t guilty. We want them to deserve every atrocity that happens to them in prison. We don’t want to think we got it wrong and locked up innocent people. The courts will fight tooth and nail to keep convicted people guilty or they look bad.

race graph in prison

If we separated the guilty from the innocent and then sentenced the guilty appropriately, our prison numbers would be the same as other countries. How can we – just one country – imprison 25% of the WORLD’S population without imprisoning a lot of innocent people to satisfy the thirst of the prison industrial complex? Doesn’t that bother you? It bothers me a lot, especially because America thinks they live in a country of Christians. That is so hypocritical!

Our entire prison system needs a total make over, beginning with the ever-changing reasons why we decide certain segments of society should be locked up.  Because of the prison corporation’s increasing thirst for profit, the need to incarcerate more segments of society has to expand. If we are decreasing the penalty for drugs, then those people need to be replaced with others in order to keep the prisons full. So who gets locked up, and who doesn’t get let out?

Why do you think they fight to keep the elderly imprisoned? Exactly how dangerous is an old, sick prisoner who can barely get out of bed who wants to spend the last of his life with family? “But he pulled an armed robbery 40 years ago!”  What exactly is he going to do? He did enough time. But corporations get paid by the govt if his bed is empty. Family pays in so many other ways so it hurts the bottom line to let him go. Enough is enough.

Now we have increased sentencing of children, even as young as 5-10 years of age. “I don’t believe it! That will never happen!” Believe it. It’s real. Michigan made it law on January 1. kids will get slapped with a felony charge for fighting – at any age for any reason. Half of all schools now have a cop on the premises. Don’t kid yourself it is to protect the school. It’s for easy access to the children. The wrong kids of course.  The black and Hispanic ones. The beast must be fed.

I’m going to leave you with one last thing to read and I hope you take the time to do so. Open your eyes. See what is happening. Do what you can to help change things.


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Youtube video of new game “Kill the Faggot”by Christian game developer

It doesn’t get more disgusting than this.  I recently had a conversation with a Christian therapist here on WordPress. I had the misfortune of reading one of his blog posts. I couldn’t get past the fact that he thought, not only was being gay wrong, it was something someone could just pray away. He also teaches this to his children.  And if one of his own children were gay, do you think it would scare him enough that he would never be able to tell his father. Would his father shun him if he couldn’t pray his gayness away?  Would he be embarrassed for anyone to know that he was unsuccessful in changing his child’s sexual orientation.  If not his own child, is this how he would counsel the parents of children who are gay? His children will grow up and pass this same intolerance to their own children who will feel they also have the right to do and say things that are filled with intolerance. Why – because their father said it is the right thing to do.  What we teach the children – be it this, or racism, or any form of intolerance is the way it  keeps growing.

The good Christian who developed this game – where do you think he learned his views from?

I know each person has the right to feel the way they do about things. Each person has the right to choose the religion they want.  Most people believe what they were taught when they were young, and never question it.  It becomes the truth to them.  Teach them intolerance and they will be intolerant. There are so many cases of young people thinking they have the right to perform hate crimes – but they learned that from someone, and most learn it from their family and community.

This man went on, in trying to psychoanalyze me, says I am angry and feel this way because I must have been hurt by a Christian at some point in my life.  He’s a pretty lousy counselor if he doesn’t see past the end of his own nose to realize that I am angry because it is Christians like himself who do the hurting.  People go to him for help. I feel bad for the people who got a dose of his therapy and hope they find someone who validates their existence instead of making him feel as though there is something “wrong” with him. This man also knows for a fact there is no gene for gayness. It is always easy to find articles that validate the way you think. He thinks gayness is always a choice, just like someone choosing to be a bank robber.  Puhleeze!

When any person of  any religion uses their religion for purposes such as this, my tolerance stops. I cannot stop ignorance, but I will call someone out on it when I see it. He also went on to say that if it wasn’t wrong, why do so many gay people commit suicide?  WHY????  Because of people like him, who if he has a gay client, especially one who is wrestling with the fact that he is gay, maybe even doesn’t want to be gay, but knows he’s gay, and has been told he can pray it away, and he/she can’t, because all the praying in the world is not going to make him straight, then he’s going to hate himself and may decide he doesn’t have a life worth living and this God will be angry with him and he’ll go to hell.  If a gay person who is a Christian can’t get acceptance from family and church,  he may decide to end his life. If he hasn’t yet reached adulthood, if he is bullied and ridiculed in school and can’t leave home to get that support he will he will find his own way to deal with his pain.

This is why the suicide rate is high.

Racism is passed the same way

This needs to stop!

And the list could go on.

Those people who try to pray it away, and even come out with the statement that they are no longer gay – that facade is on the outside. I couldn’t make myself gay.  They can’t make themselves straight. Their are aspects of who were are that are immutable. If they cave to pressure. If they marry and have children, it is not a facade that can be kept up. If a man ( or woman) who doesn’t want to sleep with opposite sex and has no passionate feelings about the opposite sex and tries to prove it to themselves or their partners that they do, and forces himself to pretend so he can get the approval from his church and family, it is like prostitution.  If you are a good prostitute you can make yourself have sex with anyone no matter how much it makes you want to gag. But instead of receiving money, you receive acceptance.  That comes with a price.

The churches – or rather the almighty church goers who feel that their religion gives the right to discriminate and pass hate from generation to generation – are disgusting.   And when you use your religion in this manner I really hope you go to a special hell just for you.

I KNOWknow there are good Christians.  I knowknow there are people honestly try to learn from the teachings to become better people.  This post is not for these people.  It is for those of you who are the hypocrites – especially the ones in a position of authority.  Shame on you.

BTW. My mother has three younger brothers. They are all gay. None of them are young – all in their 70’s. One born that way and has lived with his partner for about 40 years. One had a partner most of his adult life and is now alone, and the third came out in mid life. Why would someone finally come out in mid life after his children were grown and his wife passed away unless he finally felt he didn’t need to hide it anymore? His children accept him. He raised his children and he stuck by his wife through marriage and he was by her side when she was ill. Now it is finally time where he can be who he is. He no longer has to pretend. I say, go for it! be happy.

be happy with yourself and stop trying to change other people. Who they are is none of your business. They aren’t sleeping in your bed.