God Sure Works in Mysterious Ways, Doesn’t He?


Steve Maturan/ Getty Images

Only people behind Trump wore masks. The people in front? Not so much.

Sometimes dreams do come true. No one deserves to get the virus more than Trump. Hopefully his no mask flaunting family, who showed the world what they thought of the value of masks at the debate – which wasn’t a debate, it was Trump embarrassing himself giving a lesson on how to be a bully. Will Trump be too sick to watch TV and tweet. According to Fox and Friends he has the stamina of a 45 year old man and the virus won’t keep him from his duties – which are watching TV all morning and tweeting.

Don’t try to say this is an awful thing to wish on anyone – this is Trump after all. He deserves it. He needs to have covid laugh in his face through a ventilator mask. After all the Republicans did say, the day after that so-called debate that the pandemic was over. I’m sure they will do their best to spin how sick he gets, no matter how sick he gets. They lie.

I don’t think I have ever had more disgust for someone whose position was supposed to inspire greatness and respect for our country but yet could only teach us how a bully would govern the United States. Other countries look at us with pity. I have communicated with many of my international followers and friends and this is what they say. Because Trump’s staff protects him from learning the truth about what people think of him and he thinks Fox News represents all of us, he actually thinks he is the greatest, the smartest president that has ever been elected. (fainting gesture)

His youngest family generations when they become adults after his death will only feel shame when they understand who this man is, who thinks white nationalists are good people, too. Trump would love to reach the stature of Hitler. He’d love to be Putin. He loves and respects how he controls his people. He’d love to be president for life, even though his life doesn’t have long to play out.

We only have ourselves to blame. Americans weren’t paying attention. Republicans fought harder than Democrats to change the face of America. People didn’t fight hard enough to stop the Mitch McConnell’s of America from acquiring the power to stop a corrupt president from being fully impeached. We didn’t stop this president and his family from breaking every rule they felt like breaking. We didn’t wise up until it was too late, or is it?

I don’t believe in the Christian doctrine at all. It has been misused and abused politically for many hundreds of years in order to control people. That is why there is an America at all. People needed to run away from the persecution of leaders who pretend their rulings come from God. To increase their own wealth it is important to take away the wealth of people they deem inferior. It is why Republicans have worked so hard to destroy the separation of church and state.

Now Trump has the virus. So I guess those of you who think God supports the religious right you must be thinking God surely works in mysterious ways – if only it can spun in a direction that benefits Republicans. Trump will get the best health care humanly possible. If only they can convince the American people that the death of even one person is too much and it keeps Trump awake at night, they won’t notice Republicans are actively working to make sure you will lose your health insurance through Obamacare and there is nothing to replace it.

So I’ll sit back and continue to isolate in my home and wait to see how this pans out. It changes every day. There is plenty of time for more to happen. How many people now will test positive in the White House? They must be scared. Not to fear, though, the virus is just a hoax by the Democrats. Trump said he was the greatest president who stopped millions from dying but couldn’t stop it from getting to him. We get back what we dish out. That is the law of Karma.