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So many youth with mental issues come from dysfunctional families, put in fostercare and ran away from that. Kids can’t deal with abuse stemming from that. And then later – adult prison 70-80% of inmates come from fostercare. And we know what happens to adults with mental issues in prison. They get locked in a box which puts the finishing touches on their lives, never having been given a chance. It’s sad. Everyone knows it’s wrong, but it doesn’t change. But I guess it makes the prison corporations happy because they get richer, and the government has to pay them less for not keeping to the contracts to keep the prisons full. It’s such a bad cycle, making profit off the backs of people who can’t fight back.

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Roughly one-third of inmates in California’s jails suffer from serious mental illness. (via www.namica.org)

  •  70% of youth in juvenile justice systems have at least one mental health condition and at least 20% live with a serious mental illness.
  • Individuals living with mental illness are overrepresented in the criminal justice system, which do not provide appropriate treatment or supports.
  • Law enforcement is often the first responder in situations that involve people living with a mental health condition.
  • California has made significant progress in recent years in training law enforcement to respond appropriately to situations that involve mental illness, including passage of SB 11 & SB 29 (Beall)
  • About 2 million American with mental health conditions are admitted to jails each year-most for
    non-violent crimes.

What Now?

  • We should expand on the success of proven diversion models, including mobile crisis teams and mental health courts.
  • It is important to encourage partnerships…

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Using Prisons To Treat Mental Illness

Robert at http://robertmgoldstein.com/category/photography-and-art/text/inside-did/mental-health-inside-did/   sent me this youtube video.  He has a great blog.  I have learned so much about what it is like to live with a mental illness when you have no control over when it is going to surface.  He and I have read each others blogs so he knows how important it is to spread any good news we hear about something that rarely has anything good to say.

What the police force is doing in San Antonio, if it could spread across the United States it would result in fewer people being sent to prison because they have a better chance of getting the help they need.  They have a better chance of having a productive life.  No person should be shot dead in their home when a parent calls for help because their son or daughter was having a breakdown.  But that is what has happened in many cases.  These people needed help.  They didn’t need to die because they couldn’t get help, or if the police weren’t trained to deal with them.  The one cop was right – they aren’t social workers.  They don’t want to be social workers.  But this is the situation we have and they need to learn to adapt.  We have  mentally ill people in our society.  They don’t deserve to die because the cops were called to help.  They don’t have the right to kill them.

Share this.  Make people aware.  We can’t just ignore this and hope it goes away.

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