Recidivism rate is over 71%. Staying out of prison is hard. Not necessarily because an ex-felon wants to go back to a life of crime but because he often has no choice. What happens when no one will hire him? What happens if he has a family he needs to support and he is turned down over and over because no one wants to hire him? That 71% can be drastically reduced. When an ex-felon gets a job he is often the most hard working employee because he knows that getting a job is hard to come by.

In many states they are voting to eliminate “The box”. If someone has paid their debt to society and is continually penalized long after the fact then have they really paid their debt? The elimination of the box is also being considered for schools because many schools don’t want to allow ex-felons the chance to go to school. This doesn’t mean it will work for everyone. There are many that will automatically go back to the life they have led and that can’t be stopped, but there are many who want to have a chance to do things better and those people who want to work and want to go to school and have done their time deserve the right to do this. So listen to this video and consider getting the book he has written and getting into the hands of people who have the ability to hire and make a difference.

I ask this because when Jamie gets paroled, I know he wants an education. I know he wants to be able to provide for his son. I know the school to prison pipeline has kept him from even being able to even get a GED. He will be somewhere in his mid 30’s or so when hopefully he gets paroled. He has absolutely no job experience. He wants a chance of having a life. He is not “hardened” criminal. Doesn’t he deserve a chance to have a life after all of this? I think so. . . .Blog posts and news about injustice in the world

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